Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I'm Back... Again

Whoa! I can’t believe it has been 6 months since I have blogged! Obviously it has not been a priority.
Excuses for why I haven’t blogged:
· Big girl job that takes 40+ hours of my time each week
· Studying for the CPA, which takes all the other hours of my time when I am not working
· Netflix, which fills in all the cracks of the time I should have been studying but didn’t
· To busy hanging out with my cute husband
· Holiday season fun and craziness
· Laziness
Lack of blogging does not however mean lack of blog worthy moments! Our first 7 months in Richmond have been full of plenty of good and bad moments.
Blog posts to come:
·         Move to Richmond
·         BYU vs. UVA game
·         Taylor Swift Concert
·         Halloween Costumes
·         Bootcamp 2013
·         Virginia Fall
·         My dad’s marathon
·         Thanksgiving fun in Charleston
·         Joeys first semester at UVA
·         Christmas and New Years in Portland
·         Journey to becoming a CPA ( I know sounds so riveting)
·         And any others that I decide to write
So hold on to your seats and get ready for a fun ride! Or just ignore the onslaught of posts you are about to receive. Really I just want to document our happenings so I can remember what life was like for us at this time and for to update anyone who cares about following along.

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